Research Services

Our experienced consultants having rich expertise in the fields of pharmacology, biochemistry and toxicology approach the projects with a multidisciplinary perspective for a fast-track completion.

  • Pharmacology
  • Biochemistry/Cell and Molecular Biology


Whether it is a classical in vitro pharmacology assay involving isolated tissues or the state-of-the-art ligand binding experiment using cells expressing human recombinant receptors we are here to help you. Our consultants, having developed and established animal models of variety of disease areas including but limited to diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disorders, answer your research questions with clarity and integrity. We have people who can assist you with the generation and maintenance of transgenic animals in cardiovascular and metabolic disorders. We are also open to embrace new research areas and to customize our protocols based on your needs.

Biochemistry/Cell and Molecular Biology

We understand the transforming demands of the research needs in industry as well as academia. Though Western blotting, over expression, knockdown, silencing are our daily practice we have not forgotten the basics also!

The laboratories which we have agreement to conduct experiments maintain variety of cell lines and also have capability to isolate, culture and conduct experiments in primary cells which include but not limited to neonatal cardiac myocytes, pancreatic beta-cells and hepatocytes. Do you have any specific cells/experiments in mind, talk to one us, we might able to help you with an economical and fast-track way to achieve your goals.